Inform Your Choices
for a Cleaner World

Hi, I’m Sam.

I’m an ordinary person trying to live a, well, slightly less than ordinary life and I care deeply about the beautiful world we live in.  I’m also obsessive in my research on a given topic.

I like my life.  I like the modern conveniences, the technological advances and the huge opportunities that we’ve been blessed with in the 21st century.  But I’m horrified at the damage to the earth that has gone along with it.  I’m also embarrassed and ashamed that my generation, and my parents’ before me, are largely the ones responsible.

You’ve seen it.  On the TV and the internet; the mountains of plastic that we generate daily, the destruction of huge swathes of our natural landscapes and habitats, our impacts on the oceans, the rise in pollution and health risks, the excess.

And I know you care about it too.

The truth is, it’s not possible to wave a magic wand and make the huge, politically charged global changes needed.  But what we can do, as individuals, is to make informed choices on a day to day basis that will make a difference.

This website exists to help you make those choices.

It’s not a political soapbox.  It’s a repository for facts and figures on the things that matter.  Using this information, it’s possible to highlight the ways to make quick wins in your normal day-to-day life, and to point you towards ethically responsible businesses to supply the things you need.

By making these small daily choices, you’re voting with your feet; you’re saying that you don’t want the reckless steamroller of humanity to keep crushing our natural world unchecked.  You’re saying it’s time to change.  And you’re helping the political champions of change with hard evidence of your support.  Unspoken.  Unequivocal.

No-one’s asking you to give up your Iphone!

But if you’re ready to learn a bit more about how you, too, can make a difference, I’ve gathered up some quick wins for your daily life that you can download from the link below.